Welcome to this quirkylife.com. I’m Charlotte Francis, raconteuer (funny things seem to happen to me along the way), story-teller, writer, fundraiser, travel, nature, dog, animal, books and arts lover. This blog celebrates the richness of life with all its highs and lows, yin and yang, trials, tribulations and triumphs. Even in my most angst-ridden moments (who me??!!), I tend to see the funny side of life and filter events through a quirky lens.

Born in England – I’m nearly ten years into my Australian adventure and loving it – I’m still very much a Brit at heart and sometimes still yearn for Blighty’s green fields, cottage gardens, country villages (think Midsomer Murders without the murders), pubs, pomp and pageantry. Having said that, Australia has opened my heart and mind to boundless new possibilities, fabulous new friends and different ways of looking at the word.

As a writer, I combine writing grants and communication pieces for not-for-profit organisations with my own writing. I’ve had over 80 articles published in magazines and papers in the UK, Canada, Australia and American and, more recently, I completed a book SLOWING DOWN IN THE FAST LANE: From Adventure to Zen and Everything in Between.  It’s a first-person, funny, female warts ‘n’ all memoir and is now out on submission to publishers.

As a born quester, I’m always on the look-out for new ways of living, moving, breathing and experiencing life. Whether you’re into books, self-development, spirituality or  simply want to dip into the quirkiness of life, then join me in my musings.

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